Android smartphone device is called a super smart device that can do things ranging from photographing, detecting sound, detecting faces, and much more. One of the most amazing capabilities of Android smartphones is the ability of these smart devices to apply language settings according to the country of Android smartphone users.

However, in some cases, there are Android smartphones poker88 that have not been translated into a specific language so the default language used is English. Okay, if smartphone users understand English, but what if the user only understand the language of the country of origin? Calm down, Jaka has a solution. Check out more yes.

How to Change Language in Android App to All Languages ​​In The World
English is the language used in many parts of the world. However, that does not mean everyone in this world immediately fluent in English. There are some countries whose inhabitants are still constrained in understanding English.

Well, so is the use of smartphones. There are still many more comfortable using the country of origin setting smartphone users. For that, Jaka will tell you an application that is able to translate the application-application language that is on your Android smartphone. Curious as what? Immediately see ya!

Before you begin, make sure you have done these three things first:

First, do Android Rooting.

Secondly, you must install Xpose Framework.

Third, do not forget to enable Unknown Source on the settings on your Android smartphone.

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If you’ve done all three things above, now we go to the discussion of the application that Jaka intends.

First, first open your Xpose Framework and access the Downloads section.
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Next, in the search field, enter the AllTrans keyword.
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Here, there are 3 versions provided, just select the latest version and install on your Android smartphone.
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If it is installed, you must first have API Keys in order to run this application. To get the API Keys, simply access the Yandex site and complete the registration process.
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After the registration process is complete, login to your account and request API Keys. Checklist on the access approval section and you will get API Keys.

The Keys API is required because the AllTrans application uses a translation service from Yandex to translate the entire contents of the app on your Android smartphone.

Well, if you already have API Keys, open this app and go to Global Settings. Here, select the Enter Yandex Subscription Key section and enter the API Keys you got earlier.
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If so, now you can take advantage of the services provided by this AllTrans application. Simply select the Translate From first and enter the default language that is being used by your Android smartphone.
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Then, on the Translate To select your destination language, for example Indonesian.

After that, move to the Apps to Translate tab and check the Android app you want to translate. Let more easily, just check all the applications, so that all applications on your Android smartphone using the Indonesian language.
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If you have, you just wait a while until the translation process is complete and enjoy your Android app that is now using the Indonesian language.

Oh, yes, in addition, this AllTrans application can translate into various languages ​​including hard-to-read languages ​​such as Hindi, Herbrew, and more.
Okay, finish the discussion from Jaka this time. Good luck and hopefully useful for you Android smartphone users. Anyone want to comment or suggest? Do not forget to leave a trail in the comment field.